My name is Kai. I was born in France. My life has taken varied paths. I was a youth and community worker for some years until I became a solicitor then a human rights barrister. I continued to learn about people, doing a BTEC in Trauma and Attachment disorder. I was a foster carer for some 15 years. I qualified as a Personal Trainer and an Original Strength Coach. I have put together my personal experience of childhood trauma and my academic and life knowledge to try and provide a holistic bodywork system which I have called Move and Feel. I work with people with chronic conditions (COPD, MS, Parkinson’s, FND, strokes, ADHD etc..), people who want to feel more coherent and whole, trans people generally, small groups of friends who want to embark on this journey together and support each other. Each session is a free-standing session (meaning that you are never expected to commit to any particular course). I do one-on-one or small groups (up to 4). I will tailor each session to your needs and ability with your input.

I speak fluent French and British Sign Language (Level 3).