Move and Feel is a lifestyle system. Its aim? To reacquaint you with your body, fully. Life takes us through ordeals, upheavals, injuries and trauma. Our bodies feel the impact of all of these. What happened to the joy we felt as children, running around or mastering a new skill? Move and Feel can help you fall in love with your body all over again. If that seems far-fetched to you, then consider maybe just liking your body a bit more. How nice would that be to feel connected to yourself?

HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU HEARD THE SAYING ‘NO PAIN, NO GAIN’? Well, no more. It is a load of rubbish. Move and Feel meets you just where you are and helps you gain in confidence and strength, gently and safely.

What are your goals? To lose weight? To move more confidently? To feel less stressed? To manage anxiety? To be stronger? To be able to walk for longer? To change the shape of your body to match your identity?

Move and Feel can help you reach all of these goals without any tears or pain or arduous and shaming work outs. The system is based on maximising neuromuscular health as well as rebalancing the body with a mix of movements, hands-on work, breath work and play.