Hello and welcome to Move and Feel. Whether you stumbled here by accident or came here determined, I hope you will take the time to look at the site and think about taking the first step towards making friends with your body again, towards feeling coherent and whole. If you feel unsure, if you have questions, please don’t think you’re not worth bothering with. I will very happily chat to you and try and answer your questions or allay your fears. A phone call or an email won’t engage you in any way and I don’t do hard sale. I know how hard it is for a lot of people to take that first step so you will never feel pressure from me. Pressure and pain are just wrong, plain wrong. With Move and Feel, you will explore movements that make you feel more connected to your body. A mixture of rehabilitative movements, hands on bodywork and fitness, Move and Feel will reacquaint you with your body. It is all about integration, transformation.

I work one on one if that is what you require, whether you have chronic conditions, require rehabilitation or simply want a safe space to explore movement and/or get fitter. I also offer small classes of up to 4 people (generally, it is friends who want to do movement together).