I find that we need a couple of hours face to face to start with, to go through everything of relevance and to see you move. It may take longer, depending on a lot of things. The cost for this initial consultation is £80. I can travel to you if you prefer, no matter where you are in the country, but you will need to pay for my expenses if it is really far (petrol and somewhere to stay if I have to stay in a B&B).

Once I have seen you face to face and assessed you properly, following sessions can be done remotely.

The cost is £20 for a half hour. Many people with chronic conditions cannot do more than half an hour.

If you want an hour, it is £40.

If you struggle for money, I will charge you less: £60 for an assessment, £30 for an hour and £15 for half an hour.

You can come to Waterside Gym in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, for your session (which will be 1 to 1 away from others) or I can come to you if you prefer (within a 5 mile radius*) or we can do this remotely.

I also operate in Bristol but would need to come to you for a session.

You can call me to discuss on 07771690051 or email me with any queries you may have: