Qualifications and diplomas tell you less than a life well lived. I have both. My passion is to help people feel better.

My Life Path

My name is Kai. Originally from France, I settled in the UK as a young adult. I worked as a youth and community worker and counsellor.

I studied law and became a solicitor, then a barrister. I worked in human rights for twenty years. I lectured on trauma and the criminal justice system.

I then retired and bought a gym. I qualified as a gym instructor and a personal trainer. Also combined this with nutrition and a variety of courses on movement for health and conditions. I am an Original Strength coach, a movement system that works by restoring the central nervous system and allowing your body to move in the way it was designed to.

I work with small groups and individuals who want to ease their anxiety and fears and move better.

I also work with people who have no fears or anxieties but who want to get fit and strong in an intelligent way!

I also play and coach table tennis.


Childhood trauma and a bottomless curiosity motivated my desire to understand myself, of course, but also others. How does trauma manifest itself in people’s lives? In their relationships, their eating habits, their bodies and the way they move?

It is by studying trauma and different movement systems that I developed a system that gives people the tools to start ridding themselves of trauma and anxiety and to live better.